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12 Vase Floral Cart

12 Vase Floral Cart

Part Number:72307-FC236312 Price: $224.11
Retail Price:$249.99 Savings:$25.88(10%)
  • 360° Accessibility
  • Large Variety Of Display Options
  • Grabs The Attention Of Your Customers
What a lovely design! This 12 Vase Floral Cart not only increases profits but adds to your ambiance as well. What a wonderful way to add to your retail space! Place this floral stand near your entrance, or even outside the entrance to draw in patrons. Great for balloons on a stick or real and silk flowers alike all look wonderful in these twelve vases. Make sure and order yours today! 

  • 24"W x 63"H x 24"D
  • Vases: 8"D x 13"H
  • "Fresh Flowers" sign included

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