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Brighten up your store and its displays by using wicker baskets for your produce, flowers, fresh baked breads and cookies. Merchandise no matter what it may be seem to stand out more! Customers are drawn to the appeal of the earth tone wicker material baskets cradled in its uniquely designed rack. Order your baskets today!
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With so many retail stores and grocery stores to go to and choose from, set yourself aside from everyone else. Make it appealing to your customers. Choose to be different in your displays! Why you ask? Repeating customers are happy customers! Happy customers are going to talk about your store which means "new customers." New customers = more profits! Get it? People like wicker displays because it gives them a warm sense of home in a natural kind of way. Make today a great day and get started displaying your wicker!

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Large Oval Willow Basket
Not for Sale
Willow Basket With Handle
Not for Sale
Angled Willow Basket Set
Not for Sale
3-Tier Willow Basket Tray Display
Not for Sale
Single Basket Stand
Double Basket Stand
Triple Basket Stand
2-Basket Oval Bin Merchandiser
Not for Sale
3-Basket Oval Bin Merchandiser
Not for Sale
Short Willow Basket Stand
Medium Willow Basket & Pedestal Stand Set
Not for Sale
Large Willow Basket And Pedestal
Not for Sale
Tall Willow Basket Stand
Woven Nesting Baskets