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Bowl Displays are becoming more popular every day as a showcase option. These clear plastic bowls are available in many different styles and sizes. Showing off your product is easy when customers can see exactly what you have. From counter to floor racks to multi-tiered models; your options are plentiful. 

Set up this unique style exhibit pieces throughout your business location for ease of viewing and shopping. Customers can view clearly every item within and we all know that window shopping is a great way to lead to profits. Floor stands have a small footprint so they allow you to showcase products upward and optimize that limited space. 

Counter bowl displays are a perfect fit for impulse containers. Just set on counters and shelves near registers for small toys, key chains, candy and more that patrons will be quick to buy. There is also wall space, take full advantage of unused walls by placing the hanging bowl displays. In the perfect spots of any location bowl, displays are just what you need to complete your merchandise showcases. 
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Counter Bowl Display - 8
Counter Bowl Display - 10in
Single Bowl Counter Display - 12
Single Bowl Counter Display - 14
Counter Bowl Display - 16
Two-Tier Bowl Counter Display
Single Bowl Floor Display - 12
Bowl Floor Display - 16
Three Tier 12
3 Tiered Floor Bowl Display - 14
3 Tiered Bowl Floor Display - 16in
Five Tier 14
Sky Tower Bowl Display
Hanging Bowl Display - 8
Hanging Bowl Display - 12
Hanging Bowl Display - 10
Hanging Bowl Display - 14in
Hanging Bowl Display - 16
Plastic Bowl Divider - 13.5
Plastic Bowl Divider - 15.5