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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! Organize your makeup storage with one of our acrylic cosmetic organizers and take your products center stage offering easy viewing and access to the merchandise. Whether you have nail polish, eye liners, e-cigs or lipsticks to showcase, the right set-up could possibly boost your sales. Tiered displays take your merchandise and angle it perfectly so your customers have the best opportunity to view each piece, color and other products for sale. See-through acrylic containers are sturdy and dependable including scratch resistant and will not yellow with time. See below only a few organized storage units for your counter-tops:

  • Acrylic Trays for Countertop
  • Slatwall/Pegboard Display
  • Acrylic Cups In Variations
  • Countertop Tiered Displays
  • Small Footprint
Cosmetics storage containers will not only add a little charm and appeal to your makeup organization, they will also appear structured. These acrylic storage containers in such a structured form will guarantee that your customers will return time and time again to check out the organized products and look forward to viewing new merchandise too. These makeup organizers are ideal for retail, home, salons or whereever you want to keep your makeup storage accessories neat and readyly on-hand. You will not be disappointed! Check our our full line of Acrylic Displays that may be useful in your store.
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