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Counter Displays

Acrylic Cases – Pegboards –Wire Racks - Wicker Basket Racks – Wooden Displays
Counter-tops are the perfect empty canvas. Create a work of art out of your counters by utilizing that space with sign holders, jewelry racks, or fresh baked pastry displays. Make your counter-tops work for you by gaining the attention of your customers paying their bills at the cash register. With that in mind, choose from a large variety of options that best fits your individual service area needs. From acrylic locking displays, sign holders, to wicker baskets and everything in between.

  • Plastic Step Displays
  • Locking Acrylic Cases
  • Rotating Jewelry Display
  • Square and Hexagon Cases
  • Displays With Pockets
  • Bin Display Rack 
  • Wicker Basket Racks
  • Wooden Barrel Display
Customers never stop browsing and looking even while they are in the checkout lines. Show off other merchandise like jewelry, candy, gift items, baked goods much more and take a chance on getting another sale for the day. With so many options, be creative in your displays, get your customers to say "wow, that's cool I want one." Retailer is happy for returning customers bringing in new customers. Customer's are happy because the retailer is taking care of his customers. Come and check out the many varieties of our counter-top holders and displays today!