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Country Styled Wood Display

Wooden crates offer a style all their own whether they are being used for produce, bread, wine or even candy. The beauty of wood gives you that rustic yet simplicity appeal. Natural wood fixtures offer you a variety of display options for your retail establishments. Customers seem to prefer wooden display fixtures over the more modern technical displays. Fruits and vegetables display in their natural setting, bath soaps and lotions are more enticing to customers when paired with the beauty of the wooden display fixtures. Individually wrapped candy in the 3, 4, and 5 tiered display crates gain the attention of your customers more so than the clear acrylic because of the country down home appeal. Listed below are only a few that are an excellent choice for your store:
  • Planter Crates
  • Wine Crates
  • Country Barn Style Floor Displays
  • Nesting Crates
  • Lidded Crates
  • Decorative Crates

Incorporate a clean and more relaxed feel to your store with wooden crates. The nostalgic appearance reminds your customers of simpler times and living. More comfortable your customers are equals more sales, better feedback, and new customers. Wooden crates come in all shapes and sizes, treated and natural wood. Choosing which best fits your needs is a big step but you have already made a step in the right direction by choosing to incorporate wooden display fixtures into your retail establishment. Take a chance on gaining more repeat customers and adding some new faces to the daily shopping list. Order your stylish rustic crates from Candy Concepts Inc today! Ordering is easy just add to your online shopping cart now.

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