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Whoever said that pegboards had to be attached to the wall have now been proven wrong! Enjoy the simplicity of a pegboard display from anywhere throughout your retail store, service establishment and more. Candy Concepts Inc. can provide you with counter-top pegboards, spinning floor pegboard fixtures, metal magnetic pegboards plus a number of other various types, styles, sizes, and colors. Pegboard Displays are an easy way to advertise numerous amounts of merchandise, whether it's for sporting goods to apparel accessories in one small area leaving you more floor space to utilize for other display stands. These retail fixtures give you the option of using hooks for socks, carded jewelry, or clear acrylic trays for cosmetics, lotions, or pool chemical accessories. Not only do you have so many options for displaying product, your exhibit appears professional and organized.

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Organized Pegboard Displays are one of the easiest fixtures to reload your merchandise once the fixture has already been set-up. Your patrons have easy access to pick and choose from your various products, they can visually view the merchandise, all the while your fixture still looks appealing and organized. Most of these pegboard display stands can be refreshed by you simply moving old merchandise out and bringing in the new. Hint: the merchandise may only be moved from another section of your store, and it's not new just relocated. Several of our pegboard displays are portable with wheels, so move that same exhibit in another part of your store. Advertising more merchandise in one single area is an opportunity to potentially increase your sales and profit. Our wide variety of pegboards come in all colors, shapes, and sizes that are ready to be shipped directly to you. Come check us out and order your Pegboard Fixture that best fits your establishments need!

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