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Plastic Female Mannequin Arms Straight Down

Plastic Female Mannequin Arms Straight Down

Part Number:72913-60161 Price: $115.90
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  • Lightweight and Full Size
  • Easy To Dress & Re-Dress
  • Able To Include Shoes
Show off your stylish clothing on this Plastic Female Mannequin Arms Straight Down. This lightweight and sturdy molded plastic full size female mannequin is made with straight arms down her side and will hold any regular sized clothing you need to display. This female model has a removable head that also fully rotates and that along with removable leg, torso and arms makes it really easy to dress and re-dress. Built with a tempered glass base and her left leg forward to give your clothing an appealing look. A calf rod support also allows you to include shoes in your outfit for a full look. Order your full size mannequin today! 

*Clothing not included 
*Wigs not included
*Metal base sold separately

  • 5’7”H
  • Bust 32 ½” 
  • Waist 24”
  • Hips 34”
  • Shoes Size 7
  • Fleshtone
Accessorize with your choice of wig styles: 
  • Blonde Short Length 
  • Red Medium Length 
  • Brown Long Length

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