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Wooden Produce Crates
"It looks great! Even better than in the picture. Just wanted to show everyone how nice it looks now. Thank you for your all help." - Daniel G. - Executive Chef (Compass Group)

Wooden crates present to you a great opportunity to display and restock your produce! Whether you are wanting to create an inviting display or just a place to hold extra cucumbers until they are ready to go, your produce crates have your back! Check out a few of the styles below!
  • Wooden Country Floor Store Display
  • Knotty Pine Candy Box
  • Shallow Pine Boxes
  • Medium Size Crate
Crates and Boxes are a fantastic way for you to bring a little bit of the country in to your store. The inviting display will keep customers returning time and time again to check out what you are selling. The opportunities are endless with this wide variety of wood and pine displays. Discover more now!
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