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Suggestion Boxes
Suggestion Boxes, aka Ballot Boxes, can be the life line for some companies. These acrylic devices are used as a feedback forum for obtaining comments, questions, and/or requests towards a business, customer service, or even concerts and events without direct contact. Acrylic Suggestion Boxes are often forgotten, they are "out of sight, out of mind" per say. Incorporate a variety of these boxes into your displays and suggest how they are beneficial to the company and why businesses should use them. Add to your retail locations and let your community suggest to you what they would like to have or see happen in your store. If the suggestions are fair or you like, do it. The customers sees this and knows that you have listened which creates a bond and trust.
  • Acrylic Suggestion Boxes
  • Clear Molded Boxes w/ Pockets
  • Molded Suggestion Boxes w/ Color Options
  • White Suggestion Boxes
  • Various Sized Boxes

Suggestion Boxes for any business is a ways and means of communicating and involving your community whether its great information or less than perfect suggestions. A great way to increase sales and increase your number of reoccurring and new customers. Most companies seem to forget about this simple yet exciting marketing tool too. These boxes are also great for receiving business cards from other companies for drawings or collecting funds for a family in need. Create a customer database. Its a place to start for advertising your business to other businesses. Ever heard the saying "One man's junk is another man's treasure." Same goes for ideas and suggestions. Create the win-win, purchase your suggestion boxes today.

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