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Velour Hanging Ropes For Economy Stanchion

Velour Hanging Ropes For Economy Stanchion

Part Number:71311-ECO-200 Price: $115.92
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Set of 2 
  • Elegant Looking Velour Ropes
  • Help Keep Crowds Under Control
Rope Them In! These Economy Velour Ropes will help you guide customers in your store or at an event. Velour ropes are an attractive way to control the crowds. Our economy stanchions work fabulously with these crowd control ropes . Museums and art galleries can keep their exhibits protected. Start lining people up for a concert, movie, book signing, autographs or other special event without having to use as many employees. Why wait? Make your life easier by ordering these stanchion ropes today.

  • Set of 2 Velour (Velvet) Hanging Ropes
  • Available in 6 Ft. or 8 Ft. lengths
  • Choose Red or Black
  • Polished chrome ends

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