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Willow Basket Rack / Floor Stand

Willow Basket Rack / Floor Stand

Part Number:72307-K2250-4B-MB Price: $200.40
Retail Price:$229.99 Savings:$29.59(13%)
2 - 5
  • Utilize Limited Floor Space
  • Effortlessly Charming 
  • Versatile In Displaying Options
Wicker seems to have an inherent warmth to it that people are naturally drawn to. So adding this Willow Basket Rack/Floor Stand to your retail location is a great way to pull your customers attention in on the products you desire. Add baked goods, fresh fruits and veggies, gift items or load the wicker rack up with bulk candy and nuts. Built to be a 4 high basket display, you have the ease of lots of room for product while saving on floor space! Make sure and order yours today!

  • 21”W x 59”H x 18”D 
  • Basket size: 21”W x 4”H x 17”D 

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