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Wood Display stands and fixtures bring an earthy warmth and inviting character to any retail store showcase. All Store Displays offers a wide variety of wooden barrels, buckets, tubs, slat walls, baskets, clothing displays, and more store fixtures.

  • Bamboo
  • Barrels
  • Buckets/Tubs/Crates
  • Shelves and Stands
  • Slatwalls
  • Tables & Pedestals
  • Wood Baskets & Displays

Customize and create an old-fashioned feel of the general store with Barrel Displays. False bottom and half barrels are ideal when inventory of your merchandise is smaller than usual. Add these wonderful country themed fixtures to your options for your customers. Easier for you and adds extra unseen storage. Barrels with lids and food safe liners further expand your display. Really want to make an impact? Check out our Barrel Display with Shelves for a unique fixture for your store.   

Produce is the best product displayed in timber as wood exudes an earthy feel. Cafes, spas, and bakeries can also benefit from the natural ambiance wood creates. Wood blends in with any type of decorating theme you may have. Many fixtures come in a variety of colors to allow your exhibit to really stand out from the rest.

If you want a floor display that will leave a lasting impression, Display Bins are really the way to go. Not only are these bins great for produce, they can also be used for flowers, clothes, or even just for a decoration piece. These appealing bins are available in a variety of styles such as stacked, tiered, baskets, and traditional produce bins.

Another great idea for your grocery, bakery, or retail space is wooden display shelving. Custom display produce by checking out All Store Displays. They carry a large variety of shelving from which to choose. Are you wanting to make a unique statement? Adding a shelving unit such as the Stair Step Bushel Basket Merchandiser is a grand solution!