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4 Way Candy Rack

4 Way Candy Rack

Part Number:72913-92582 Price: $194.78
Includes 32 Peg Hooks
6 Inch Peg Hooks
  • Easily Accessible
  • Variety of Display Options
  • Eye Catching Display
A 4 Way Candy Rack is a great way to showcase your products in a concise location. With both hooks and shelves on this display stand you have lots of variety on choices to show off. Boxes of candy and sweet treats combined with bags of chips, popcorn and other salty items gives that great sweet and salty mix. Give customers all they want at their fingertips! Smores display with bags of marshmallows, boxes of crackers and chocolate bars and you have instant impulse purchases! Order yours today!

  • (4) 2' Wide x 4' high grid panels
  • Quad Base 
  • 32 - 6" peg hooks 
Four  Each: 
  • 6.5" Deep shelf
  • 8" Deep shelf
  • 10" Deep shelf 
  • 12" Deep shelf 

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