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4-Way Spinner
4-Way Spinner

4-Way Spinner

Part Number:73001-4800 Price: $477.79
This 4-Way Spinner is perfect for today's hottest number one music CD's and top of the chart DVD movies, plus books, and other retail materials. Our freestanding floor fixture stands approximately 65-inches tall and offers 24 black metal baskets for you to showcase reselling merchandise. Since it easily rotates customers can view all the items easily and purchase in a flash. Make sure your exhibiting display is level to prevent accidental tipping, four adjustable levelers on the bottom of the base have been included with the wire display. This black rack has the capabilities of holding up to 288 various CD's ranging from music to e-books, 192 movie DVD's or 96 of your top selling video games for machines like Play-station, Xbox and more. Place this rotating rack in a high traffic area and customers will flock to this wire rack display. A coil style sign holder is featured on top of the stand for you to add graphics, business logo and other vital information such as pricing. Sales are sure to increase with this floor fixture. Add your own signage and attach to the coil style sign holder on top of the retail rack. Order your black metal display stand today! 
  • Fill With Games, Movies, Music CD's and More
  • Rack Offers Easy Access
  • 1 Count Metal Fixture
  • Overall Dimensions: 65" High x 24" Square
  • Black Metal Display Stand
  • Includes 24 Metal Baskets
  • Coil Style Sign Holder On Top
  • 4 Adjustable Levelers On Base
  • Capacity: 288 CD's, 192 DVD's or 96 Games

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