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50 Flat Pine Crates - Natural / Unfinished

50 Flat Pine Crates - Natural / Unfinished

Part Number:73306-711050 Price: $339.90
  • Set of 50 Pine Crates Offers Tons of Flexibility
  • Beautiful Classic Storage For Any Items
  • Versatile Usage Ideas
Create With Crates! This set of 50 Flat Pine Crates brings a breath of fresh air into your store. Use these crates to store toys, accessories, trinkets, craft items, and more. Produce will sell faster when it is coupled with the elegant earthiness wood crates provide. Use these pine bins in your hardware store to sort your stuff. With a set of 50, you will have flexibility and options for storage and displays. Order now!


  • 5"W x 1 3/4"H x 7" D
Please Allow 1-2 Weeks  Lead Time - NO RUSH ORDERS

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