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Bamboo Tabletop With 3 Gravity Bins
Bamboo Tabletop With 3 Gravity Bins

Bamboo Tabletop With 3 Gravity Bins

Part Number:73005-15218-4 Price: $1,668.98
  • Locking Bins To Prevent Accidents
  • Eye Appealing
  • Bins Hold Up To 2 Gallons
Our Bamboo Tabletop With 3 Gravity Bins is a stylish way to include or sell dry goods like bulk nuts, cereal, plus more.  Triple the chances of increasing your sales with this tabletop fixture. Each see-through two gallon bin is designed to drop more product as soon as you disperse your merchandise. Carrying handles on the sides make it easy to adjust the position or move this displaying dispenser throughout your retail store or buffet table. This perfect bulk container prevents spillage and accidents with the secondary lockable devices. Style with ease by using this handcrafter, solid bamboo display on your buffet, candy displays, and more. Ordering is easy just add to your online shopping cart today!

  • 1 - 3-Bin Bamboo Tabletop Fixture
  • 3 - 4" W x 18" H x 11" D Gravity Bins
    • 2 Gallons Each
    • BPA Free & NSF Approved
    • Polycarbonate Material
    • Holds Approximately:
      • 17 Lbs Jelly Beans
      • 14 Lbs Pinto Beans
      • 6 Lbs Coffee Beans
  • 3 - 4" W Secondary Locking Devices
  • Carry Handles Make It Easy To Move

**Food Not Included

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