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Black 3 Basket Wire Countertop Display
Black 3 Basket Wire Countertop Display

Black 3 Basket Wire Countertop Display

Part Number:72913-2334 Price: $53.39
  • Compact Design That Offers Great Impact 
  • Charming Display
  • Three Baskets For Product Variety
This Black 3 Basket Wire Countertop Display stands just two inches under two feet and is a great fit for your counter tops. With three baskets that are each different sizes that gradually increase in size as you go down, you can offer products of differing sizes as well to really have several impulse purchase items. Place socks, gloves, mittens and other smaller clothing pieces in one basket. Another basket would be outstanding for small bags of chips, popcorn, boxes of candy, and other such delicious goodies. Then last but not least you can always top it off with small stuffed animals, plush keychains, hair scrunchy style ties or other fun items that are going to entice customers to want to look and buy. The trio basket display is topped with a handle which just gives it the finalized look and adds to the charm of the entire display. Black powder coated steel looks great on any counter and in any decor so you can be sure it will be a fantastic addition to your shop. Order yours today!

  • 16" W x 11" D x 22" H
  • Bottom Basket Diameter 15 1/4"
  • Middle Basket Diameter 13"
  • Top Basket Diameter 11"
  • Black Powder Coated Steel Material
  • Cute Handle On The Top

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