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Black 72-Clip Floor Spinner
Black 72-Clip Floor Spinner

Black 72-Clip Floor Spinner

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Black 72-Clip Floor Spinner comes with 18 clips on four strands that sit on a five-point base design giving you a stable and durable display rack for materials such as single serving chip bags and snacks, pegged bag candies, carded jewelry pieces and other accessories. This rotating floor fixture comes with an 18-in base that includes ball-bearing hardware that makes this wire store display easy to spin and ideal for your shoppers to shop with ease of motion. Our black finished metal clipper display is a popular stand for any type of retail environment, especially in convenience stores, snack shops and much more. With the attached sign holder included on top, add a colorful, eye-catching graphics sign to highlight the promotion of your products even more. Take a chance on increasing impulse buying of your snack sales when your purchase our retail store display today.

  • 1 Count Wire Floor Fixture
  • Overall Dimensions: 62" H x 18" Base
  • 4 Strands With 18 Clips = 72 Clips In All
  • 5-Point Stable Base Design
  • Smooth Spinning Stand On Ball-Bearing Hardware
  • Sign Holder Included
  • Black Finish
  • Wire Construction
  • Ball-Bearing Hardware For Easy Spinning
  • Perfect For Prepackaged Candy
  • Excellent Choice For Convenience Stores

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