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Black Star Granite Laminate Rack & Bins
Black Star Granite Laminate Rack & Bins

Black Star Granite Laminate Rack & Bins

Part Number:72607-781458 Price: $6,435.00
Add 8 Acrylic Tubes?
Yes Please! (+$610.62)
Black Star Granite Laminate Rack & Bins Candy Rack is a stylish and eye-opening candy display package for your business. This wholesale rack includes 24 clear acrylic candy bins with scoops and assemblies. The candy containers have a false front so they always look full and holds up to 10 pounds of candy. The scoop attaches to the tether and sits perfectly in the notch built into the side of the clear bins. Your product stored on the inside is easy to access and stays fresh because of the hinged lid on the round-faced container.

Our candy rack stands 58-inches tall and measures 48-inches wide. This sturdy floor fixture comes with a black star laminate finish that fits well in almost any atmosphere. This wholesale stand offers two pull-out drawers to help with storage of excess products or other essential materials. The eye appealing candy rack can potentially increase candy sales along with impulse buys. Order your grocery store fixture today!

Please Allow 3-4 Weeks Lead Time

  • Overall Dimensions: 48" W x 24" D x 58" H
  • Eye Catching Black Star Granite Laminate Finish
  • Wooden Base With Two Pull-Out Storage Drawers
  • Includes: 24 - 7 1/2" Round Face Bins
  • Overall Dimensions: 9"H x 7 1/2" W x 12"D
  • No Shelves Needed
  • False Front Bins Always Look Full
  • Holds 7-10 Pounds Of Candy
  • Candy Scoops and Assemblies
  • Optional Features Add-on: 8 Count Acrylic Towers, 14" H x 6" Diameter
Shipping Is Approximate - We Will Call To Verify Shipping Costs. Heavy Truck Shipped - Shipping Surcharge Applies.

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