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Bulk Wire Display W/ Bungee Cord
Bulk Wire Display W/ Bungee Cord

Bulk Wire Display W/ Bungee Cord

Part Number:72913-3398W Price: $57.38
  • Holds Large Bulky Items
  • Demand Product Attention
  • Create A Unique Display
This Bulk Wire Display With Bungee Cord is available to you in white and is a great option for when you have large pillows or larger stuffed animals. With the bungee sides instead of solid walls, you can have more give for the bulky pieces and it allows for unhindered viewing of the contents. Customers can easily view all the products you are selling which can also create an impulse purchase when they love what they see. There isn't going to be any misshaped or smushed stuffed animals, pillows or other bulk items because when filled up if there isn't enough room for Mr. teddy bears arm he can just pop it out the side. With a metal frame and bungee cord sides, you have a lightweight retail store display that makes it a breeze to relocate around your shop. The bulky bin is perfect for your stuffed animal aisle or place in bedding alongside the blankets, sheets, etc. to showcase the pillow designs that match for merchandise coordination. Order your wire store display today!

  • 24" D x 31" H
  • Wire & Bungee Cord Material
  • White Bungee Cord

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