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Clear Deluxe Square Tray - 4ct
Clear Deluxe Square Tray - 4ct

Clear Deluxe Square Tray - 4ct

Part Number:71107-556204 Price: $92.43
Come and check out our Clear Deluxe Square Trays if you are looking for the perfect impulse shallow bin to showcase such items as candy bars, gum, key-chains and more. Your countertops will appear neat and organized when you add these stack-able containers, plus they add a little-sophisticated appeal to the store as well. Made of crystal styrene plastic that is approximately 5/16-inches thick, these serving trays are strong and durable enough to withstand everyday use. Showcase your stack-able containers by setting them up side by side or stack them one atop the other to free up vital counter space. These clear storage bins are a great way to serve up fresh cut fruit, wrapped candy on buffets, cream and sugar packets, drink stirrers and so much more. Take a chance on increasing impulse buying by adding a batch of wrapped cookies and showcase on your service counters and possibly gain more sales. Place an order for your retail counter displays today!

  • Add To Parties and Fill With Appetizers Such As Cut Fruit
  • Helps Keep Paperclips In One Spot
  • 4 Count Trays
  • Outside Dimensions: 5.875" W x 5.875" D x 2" H
  • Inside Dimensions: 5.25" W x 5.25" D x 1.625" H
  • Constructed Of Clear Styrene Materials
  • 5/16" Thickness Of Crystal Styrene
  • Use In A Variety Of Ways, On Counters, Display Shelving & Tables Plus More

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