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Combo LED Open Sign plus Backlit Writing Board
Combo LED Open Sign plus Backlit Writing Board

Combo LED Open Sign plus Backlit Writing Board

Part Number:73004-64-507 Price: $159.92
  • Includes 18 Multiple Settings To Choose From
  • 100% LED Lighting Saves You On Power
  • Advertise Your Doughnut Shop, Cafe, Massage Parlor Brightly
Advertise your business in a modern up-to-date way by utilizing the Combo LED Open Sign plus Backlit Writing Board. Seven colors on the back light writing board with 18 various settings including popular colors like blue, red, purple plus more. Choose your lighted sign setting to be solid, flashing, or chasing. Also with this retail signage, the bright open portion comes with three different settings from solid to a chasing border plus more.  Never miss an opportunity for making another sale and gaining the attention of customers and passerby's again. Order your advertising sign today!

  • 1 Combo LED Open Sign
  • Overall Dimensions: 19" W x 22" H
  • 7-color Backlit Write Board With 18 Settings
    • White, Green, Blue, Red, Purple, Turquoise and Yellow
    • Stays Solid In Any Color, Flashes In Any Color All Styles & Random, Chase, Fade In / Out, Fast Running
  • Bright OPEN Sign With 3 Settings
    • Blue & Red LEDs With Functions: Stay Solid, Spell OPEN 5x, Blink OPEN 3x, Chasing Border, and Solid Border
  • 100% LED Lighting Saves On Power
  • Includes Clip Chains
  • Includes One White Marker And Two Cleaning Wipes

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