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Convex Security Mirror - 18" Diameter
Convex Security Mirror - 18' Diameter

Convex Security Mirror - 18" Diameter

Part Number:72913-8961 Price: $106.78
The 18” Diameter Convex Security Mirror cuts down on theft while increasing overall safety. When you place this mirror in your store you give yourself and your employees a better chance of preventing thefts. By using this safety mirror to keep an eye on those typically hard to see areas, your inventory is safer than it ever has been. Place a convex mirror in your stocking area for added security where heavy machinery is used. When drivers can see what is going on around them, you cut down on injuries. Cut down on theft, amp up security, and increase safety all with a convex mirror. Order yours now.

  • 18" Diameter
  • Rust-free Body
  • Easy Installation
  • Use Indoors or Outdoors
  • Unique Seal Housing Mirror
  • Distortion Free Lightweight Acrylic
  • Includes A Steel Swivel Mount & Mounting Bracket

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