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D15 Price Computing Scale - 15lb capacity
D15 Price Computing Scale - 15lb capacity

D15 Price Computing Scale - 15lb capacity

Part Number:71405-190403 Price: $450.92
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Selling products by weight? This D15 Price Computing Scale has a plethora of features you need. A 15-pound capacity scale provides convenience at a farmer's market, deli, bakery, candy or coffee shop, and more. The included rechargeable battery pack provides 120 working hours without the backlight or 60 hours with it turned on. Adjustable rubber feet and a front mounted level bubble indicator keeps your trade use scale in place and accurate. Need to weigh ice cream in a cone behind the counter? Try the PS4 Portion Control Scale with a Cone Holder. Ordering is easy, simply add this scale to your cart today!

  • 13.4”W x 13.4”D 
  • 15 Pound Capacity
  • Up to 99 easy-to-add PLUs for fast reference 
    • 14 direct quick keys and 85 indirect PLUs
  • Dual power source:
    • Rechargeable battery pack 
    • 110/120VAC 50/60 Hz adapter (Both Included) 
  • Auto Shut-off, Sleep, and Backlight Off modes extend battery life
  • NTEP legal-for-trade scale 
  • Pre-Pack key saves time 
  • Retains unit price and tare for repeated price computing, making the job even faster.
  • Adjustable, non-skid feet and bubble level.

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