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Produce displays used to be boring and drab and were used simply for functionality. Those dog days are over! Check out our display bins and fixtures specifically for produce displays. 
  • Three Tiered Wood Displays
  • Four Tiered Vegetable Bins
  • Barrel Displays
  • Small Stacked Four Bin Display
  • Three Crate Merchandiser
Vegetable bins and fixtures are a great way to draw in customers without doing all the work! Each bin is made out of a sturdy material, like wood, and is designed to hold the weight of even your heaviest vegetable. Our three tiered wood display will not only keep your corn and celery safe and secure, but will continue to bring customers in for you.  Check out more items below.
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Small Standard Gondola
Large Standard Gondola
Triangular Gondolas
Frontier Orchard Bin
Euro Table - Plastic Top