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Donut Case / Pastry Case
Donut Case / Pastry Case

Donut Case / Pastry Case

Part Number:72911-925 Price: $1,490.55
ETL Sanitation Listed (Conforms to NSF STD-2) [+$174.40]
This brand new doughnut case is a hot seller and is moving out fast! Designed with an anodized aluminum frame, this pastry case has white wire shelves, hinged doors, and a glass top, ends and back to maximize the appeal and profitability of your product. The metal shelves sit at an angle making it ideal for shoppers to have full of the delicious edibles inside the enclosed case. You have size options when you purchase our freestanding floor fixture. Choose which size works best for your business. The smallest of the two only weighs 260 pounds and measures 31-inches wide by 24-inches deep. The larger display case is approximately 280 pounds and measures over 35-inches wide with a depth of 30-inches. Both fixtures are 36-inches high. Your customers will eat their hearts out when they see your delicious goods displayed in this modern bakery display case, all you have to do is keep up with replacing your inventory. A top acrylic signage panel is included atop your baked goods fixture, just add your sign to promote the materials. Add the optional ETL Sanitation Listing for your retail store display machine to have your bakery fixture up to date on the required codes for your state to show it has passed the required testing and is safe to hold food for human consumption. 

Please Allow 16 - 20 Week Lead Time

  • Size Options:
    • Model #92531 - Dimensions: 24"D x 31"W x 36"H - Weighs 260 Pounds
    • Model #92536 - Dimensions: 30"D x 35.25"W x 36"H - Weighs 280 Pounds
  • Anodized Aluminum Frame
  • Glass Top, Ends and Back
  • Aluminum Framed Tempered Glass, Hinged Doors
  • White HPL Deck and Bag Bin
  • White Wire Shelves (3)
  • Top Acrylic Signage Panel - (Sign not included)
  • Optional ETL Sanitation Listed Available

Note: “ETL” Sanitation Listed (Conforms to NSF STD-2) is the sanitation compliance and certification needed to sell food equipment in North America. This ETL Sanitation Mark announces that this equipment is approved for the production of food intended for human consumption as well as for use in a location where food for human consumption is made.

Shipping Is Approximate - We Will Call To Verify Shipping Costs. Heavy Truck Shipped - Shipping Surcharge Applies.

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