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Eco Modern Bread Case
Case With Bamboo Trim

Eco Modern Bread Case

Part Number:71301-1279 Price: $591.39
Retail Price:$657.10 Savings:$65.71(10%)
Replacement Bin
Color Choice
Add elegance in the appeal of your displays by adding our Eco Modern Bread Case. With color options, you can choose which best fits your decor. A metal framed fixture with the option of a natural appealing bamboo or a crisp, clean white trim. Our retail bread case features four drawers for loaves of bread and an acrylic bin wrapped by a stainless steel frame with your choice of trim. Add this dynamic appealing bakery display to hotel buffets, cafe counter displays and even on your home kitchen counters. This Eco-modern case measures approximately 14-inches wide by 15-inches high with a depth of 11.5-inches. Offer up to four different flavors of bread or use for other delicious treats such as donuts, muffins, cupcakes and more. This display case can be fun for using as candy bins for your next special event. Keep your bread fresh while offering various flavors and add some appeal to that countertops. What are you waiting for? Order your next bread display case here today while shopping online now!

  • 1 Count Bread Case
  • Overall Dimensions: 14"W x 11.5"D x 15"H
  • Color Options Available
  • Metal Frame Accented With A Bamboo Trim or White Trim
  • Two Each Two Drawer Bread Boxes Included
  • Acrylic Bin For Additional Cost
  • Eco Friendly Display Container
  • Choose the Best Display For Your Bread
  • Optional Bread Bin Add On

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