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Floral Cart - 12 Vase

Floral Cart - 12 Vase

Part Number:72307-FC2452 Price: $268.53
Retail Price:$330.99 Savings:$62.46(19%)
  • Assemble With Ease
  • Fit Well Into Small Spaces
  • Allure Your Customers In
    Fill this 12 vase floral cart up with colorful silk and fresh flowers and you have an instant eye catcher. Add to the ambiance as well as create a really attractive floral stand with the beauty and scent of your flowers. Imagine loading long stemmed roses in every color and watching your profits climb. This flower stand can be placed inside or out front to draw customers in, either way you are going to be happy that you added flower cart this to your business location. Make sure you order yours today!

    • 24"W x 59"H x 20"D
    • Rings Snap into Place
    • Durable Powder Coat Finish
    • Sold With Vases
    • Includes Sign Frame

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