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Maple Revolving Cube Slatwall Display
Maple Revolving Cube Slatwall Display

Maple Revolving Cube Slatwall Display

Part Number:72913-20154M Price: $809.12
This Maple Revolving Cube Slatwall Display really is an outstanding way to showcase t-shirts for your shop. One difficulty when selling shirts is finding a way that allows customers to see the front image without them digging through the piles of nicely folded shirts. So place each design into a cube on the two sides featuring five boxed off spaces measuring 11"w x 10"H. Folded neatly in the cube you can then take advantage of the acrylic panel that comes next to each cube on this maple floor fixture. Unscrew the front of the acrylic panel, add the item folded so that the image can be clearly seen and then screw it closed. Now your patrons can see with ease the designs they want to purchase and they can leave the rest nice and neat. Think how much easily closing will be! Spinning retail displays are a great use of smaller floor spaces because with each turn of the fixture the product comes to you so it can be tucked back closer to the wall and it won't cause an issue because the customer never has to go behind the display. Revolving toward you is a wonderful asset for shopping. We also offer this wheeled display in black and cherry finishes so order yours today!

  • 23 1/2"W x 23 1/2"D x 63"H
  • Laminate Wood Material
  • Maple Finish
  • 4-Sided Display
    • 2 Slatwall Sides
    • 2 Sides each with 5-11"W x 10"H cubes
  • Acrylic panel pockets to display T-Shirts next to folded product
  • Includes Casters
  • Shelving and Accessories Are Not Included
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