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Pine Stackable Wine Rack
Pine Stackable Wine Rack

Pine Stackable Wine Rack

Part Number:73302-436-000-4600-3575 Price: $322.76
  • Very Eye-Catching!
  • Rustic, Country Appeal
  • Decorate to suit your needs!
Pine Stackable Wine Racks will make your wine display stand out above the rest. Placing wine racks in a prominent location in your retail store will get products noticed and increase your sales. Stackable racks will also allow you to give customers a wider selection to choose from. These unfinished wood displays can be painted or stained to match the decor in any retail store. Get yours today and start stacking them up.

This item is Rustic Unfinished and rough to the touch - NOT sanded or painted.
  • Holds 72 - 750ML Bottles
  • 35 3/4"T x 46" W x 11 1/2" D

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