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SPS 2000 Touch Terminal
SPS 2000 Touch Terminal

SPS 2000 Touch Terminal

Part Number:72913-9705 Price: $6,230.68
Single Line Scanner?
Yes Please [+$533.03]
Cash Drawer?
Yes Please [+$401.58]
  • Higher Pricing Consistency
  • Reduce Waste
The SPS 2000 Touch Terminal is a reliable cash register system. With touch screen operation on a vivid high resolution screen you can easily see all the options right in one easy spot. The cash register terminal is ergonomically designed and takes up very little counter space. There is no hard drive in this system the touch terminal cash register has software running from an on-board flash memory and stores information on non-volatile RAM. Because of this set up you have more speed, reliability and can come back from power loss faster. Order your SPS-2000 cash register  today!  

Also Include:
  • Single line scanner
  • Cash drawer
  • *Color may vary on cash drawer
  • Flexible with a built in point of sales software
  • Set up and install for less and faster than a PC based POS system
  • 12.1" TFT-LCD color touch screen
  • High resolution 1024 x 768 screen
  • Single line custom display
  • Time Clock option
  • UP to 20,000 plu`s
  • Magnetic Card Reader included
  • Mix and Match discounts
  • 5 reporting buckets
  • More secure than PC based POS systems
  • Does not require operating system upgrades
  • Does not need network administration support 
  • Information will not be compromised
  • Supports peripherals with:
    • Six Serial
    • One Parallel
    • Two USB 
  • Networks through standard Ethernet 
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Screen tilted from 22° to 77° 
  • Preserves counter space
  • High Performance memory can be flexibly distributed to support:
    • Large menus or item files
    • Check files
    • Customer reports
    • Employee time/attendance files

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