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Single Eyewear Easel - 1 Pair - 4ct

Single Eyewear Easel - 1 Pair - 4ct

Part Number:72903-55203 Price: $28.82
  • Adds Style To Your Checkouts
  • Holds One Pair Of Shades
  • Sturdy and Dependable Stand
Searching for a stylish way to advertise one pair of eye glasses that is new on the market? Our Single Eyewear Easel is the answer for you. This counter top retail display will hold only one pair of eye frames, but it is perfect for showcasing and it does not take up too much counter room. Our eyeglass display stand is made of a high quality and durable clear plastic that is sure to withstand day to day transactions for a long period of time. Showcase new designer frames for the whole family by adding this accessory fixture to your checkout lines, in service waiting areas, or at home on the kitchen counter. Even though this easel only holds one pair of glasses, you are adding a little finesse into your business. This retail display measures approximately three-inches high and is ideal for prescription lenses, sunglasses, goggles, and specs of all sorts. Place hot new arrivals at the checkout in your doctors offices and see your profits increase. Order this single holding eye glass display stand today and you will receive four to place throughout your business!

  • 4 Count
  • Dimensions: 3" H
  • Constructed Of High Quality Durable Clear Plastic
  • Perfect For Sunglasses, Prescription Glasses, Readers and More

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