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Square Acrylic Display Bin - 12 Inch
Square Acrylic Display Bin - 12 Inch

Square Acrylic Display Bin - 12 Inch

Part Number:72913-4543 Price: $71.78
This 12 Inch Square Acrylic Display Bin provides a multi-use display piece which allows you the ability to get creative. Each square is clear so that means you can not only fill it up with merchandise, such as candy, toys, and the like. Turn the box upside down so that it is over products to give them a little protection and also make them stand out to that shopping. Who isn't going to be curious about what is on display under the box? That curiosity will draw them close to window shop at the least. Set up candy buffets with this acrylic box by filling it or use your imagination. Turn the box upside down and place signs or framed images of the guest(s) of honor and use the flat top to place vases or jars. Candy and toy shops can make a fun display on countertops with this retail display. Load up with plush animals and place on lower tables or on the floor even to allow kids the fun of picking out their choice of stuffed animals. Take advantage of the sales this riser cube can bring to your business and order yours today!

  • 12 x 12 x 12
  • Five-Sided Acrylic Cube Has Many Functions
  • Use As A Riser
  • An Impulse Bin For Smaller Items

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