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Sunglass Rack Tower - 32
Sunglass Rack Tower - 32

Sunglass Rack Tower - 32

Part Number:71106-SU-32 Price: $187.12
Sunglass Rack Tower holds 32 pairs of glasses of any style. Sunglasses are a popular impulse purchase so take full advantage of this vertical display rack and set it near your check out area. Shoppers love to play with and try on the various styles as they wait and are highly likely to purchase a pair. Each hook is arranged to keep any pair you add in a straight and neat arrangement for better shopping as well as nice decor. Organize by style, brand, magnification, for reading glasses, and announce to patrons on the sign holder. Any shop for upscale to the local convenience store can take full advantage of this retail display for glasses. Reading glasses, prescription glasses, and even the fun styles which just have glass in them for appearances not for use. Professional locations, jewelry stores, as well as fun summer shops that feature all that you need for an enjoyable day at the beach all can shine with this rotating glasses display. The simple style of the rack will fit into any decor and location. Be sure to order yours today!

  • 1 Count
  • Sunglass Rack
  • Materials: Metal Wire
  • Rotates Freely
  • 16"L x 24"H x 16"W
  • Includes Signholder
  • Holds 32 Pieces
  • Ideal For Advertising Blank Frames, Sunglasses

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