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White 4 Tier Table with Casters
White 4 Tier Table with Casters

White 4 Tier Table with Casters

Part Number:72913-3416W Price: $638.12
This White 4 Tier Table with Casters really brings a large amount of space and display area for all your merchandise. There are four shelves which recede in size as they go higher, starting with a 47 inch bottom shelf and the top is 17 inches. Move around your location with ease to create a new display when needed. Gift shops can show off glass figurines, framed images, and all the wonderful items that people gravitate to for gift giving. Candy stores, clothing stores, jewelry stores, convenience stores, and bakeries are some locations where this round table display will excel. Weddings and other celebrations require flat surfaces to showcase flowers, candles, set out place setting cards, offer cupcakes, and even arrange a fun candy buffet all with the white backdrop which tends to go with almost any color theme. The tiered appearance means that nothing will get hidden behind other products and patrons can easily shop and view all the offered items on each shelf. Order yours today!

  • 4 Tiered Table
  • Overall Height: 45"
  • Top Tier Measures: 17" Dia.
  • Second Tier Measures: 35" Dia.
  • Third Tier Measures: 41" Dia.
  • Bottom Tier Measures: 47" Dia.
  • Heavy Duty With Laminate Wood Finish
  • 4 Casters Included For Mobility
  • 2 Casters Lock
  • Space Between Each Shelf: 11"
  • Some Assembly Required
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