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Wood Divider For Hexagon Riser
Wood Divider For Hexagon Riser

Wood Divider For Hexagon Riser

Part Number:71106-HEXB Price: $77.39
Looking to create something new, like a hexagon display wall? Wood Divider For Hexagon Riser is what you use to fill in the gaps to add a little extra support for the showcasing wall or room divider. As you know, hexagons have six sides and when you have two sides touching that leaves a gap in the bottom. This is where you add the pedestal for support. The white wood fillers are approximately 20 inches long and 10 inches wide with a height of 7 inches. The melamine finish adds to the strength and durability of the wood materials used for developing your unique room divider. If this does not peek your interest, try adding style to your decor and using the wooden displays as plant stands, pedestals for trophies, podiums for photographs and more. Come check it out and order your white wood divider today.


  • Overall Dimensions: 20" L x 10" W x 7" H
  • White Melamine Finish
  • Constructed Of Wood Material
  • Decorative When Used As A Table Riser Or Creating A Room Divider
  • Make A Hexagon Display Wall With The Wood Hexagon Riser

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