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Wooden 3-Tier Crate Display Stand
Wooden 3-Tier Crate Display Stand

Wooden 3-Tier Crate Display Stand

Part Number:72913-90347 Price: $425.25
The Wooden 3-Tier Crate Display Stand brings a stylish new way to showcase your merchandise. Functional with a touch of rustic charm the black metal stand features three stained wood crates which can hang from the stand or be removed to use separately. There is 9.125" distance between each crate. Fill with fresh fruits and veggies, show off stuffed animals, toys, and bulk unshelled nuts. Remove the top crate of the wood store display and set it on the floor or a counter nearby and use the top bar to hang scarves, decorative towels, etc. for sale. Round it out and put mittens, gloves and ear muffs in the crates for a well-rounded display. Place this rack with crates in a high traffic aisle of your store to showcase sales items or new and popular pieces. The unique appeal of the country style display will catch the eye and increase sales. Grocery stores can use as a kiosk stand for a wide range of products. Candy shops can really have a blast with the floor fixture choosing the best colorful, wrapped candies to fill each crate with. Order yours today!
Please Allow 1 To 2 Week Lead Time - No Rush Orders

  • Overall Dimensions: 15.75"W x 12.75"D x 35.5"H
  • Includes 3 Removable Wooden Crates With Stain Finish
  • Black Metal Stand
  • Includes 9.125"H Space Between Each Crate
  • Great Idea For Displaying Clothing, Accessories, Toys and More

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